Chris Matthews: Sarah Palin is illiterate.

I’m going to bet that the talking head wouldn’t have said that about a man.

Allahpundit cannot believe that the talking head is sufficiently mind-numbingly stupid so as to say that Governor Sarah Palin can’t read on national television:

…Allahpundit, despite his dour demeanor, is surprisingly willing to believe the best of people at times. I respect that: but the Politico is under no such illusions about the talking head’s meaning, and neither am I. The talking head has notoriously taken sides with regard to the new administration, and in the final analysis I don’t see where there’s much difference whether that the talking head is malicious, or whether it is simply a fool.

Either way, I think that decent people should start reassessing their need to appear on the talking head’s program. Or their need to watch it.

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