“I won.”

Indeed, you did.

No argument from me: you won.

In fact, let the record show that your official response to the GOP’s offer of assistance and advisement was “I won.”

So, it’s all yours. Your responsibility, your obligation, your reputation on the line. Not ours: yours.

Because, after all, you won.

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  • Blaineab says:

    Could some House and Senate republicans PLEASE have a spine and vote against the fiscal stimulus plan when the vote happens?

    Good Lord, guys and gals, you’re the opposition party!
    Let the dems own it on their own. It isn’t going to help the economy.

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  • David Tweed says:

    Yes, Obama Won.

    They only had to find 4 Million Stupid People that were not interested in Facts But Totally Euphoric about a Marxist Creating a Socialist Utopia.

    The One and the Leadership of Both Houses are Not interested in Input from the Minority.

    Call them what they are “Neo-Fascists”.

    Oppose Everything.
    Fight and be Obstructionist.
    Crucify any Democrat with Ethical problems.

    Make them Own the coming Depression.

    They don’t have a Clue as to how to fix the Economy.
    FDR only made the Depression worse and Prolonged it.
    Spending on “InfraStructure” will Not help right Now.
    The Japanese learned this in their last economic downturn.

    Cut Taxes, Cut Spending,
    Free Business and let them Create Jobs.

  • frankg says:

    You won an election. The rest, well, we’ll see about that in four years.

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