Susan Collins (R-ME) “simply can’t in good conscience vote for Mr. Geithner.”

Obama’s advocate gave her every opportunity to recant her heresy, too.

[UPDATE]: HA! In your FACE, Allahpundit. 60/34. Which still means that we’re putting in charge of our taxes somebody who can’t do his.

But Senator Collins (R-ME) wasn’t having any of it.

Oh, did I say “Obama’s advocate?” I meant to say “Andrea Mitchell, objective journalist for NBC News.” Be sure to go all to the end; the point where Ms. Mitchell plaintively asks why such a moderate Republican as Senator Collins (R-ME) is thinking to hold the line on this one is almost worth it right there. Mind you, Allahpundit’s right: Geithner is going to get confirmed.

But what the heck: I’ll take the under. 63/36.

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