I Brake For Zombies.

No, really. The damn things have the mass of a living human, remember? Try to barrel through a crowd of them and you end up crashing the car, which probably means that you’ll break a window, and then it’s all over for you, Sparky. If you absolutely can’t go around, just take your foot off of the gas pedal, get down to three miles an hour, and keep swerving the wheel left and right to sort of nudge the undead hordes out of the way. With any luck, none of them will have the leverage needed to smash the glass. With even more luck, they’ll not smell your tasty, tasty brains in the first place.

…this is what I think of, typically, when I see stories like:

Construction signs warn of zombies
Hackers change public safety message

This is simply the sort of person that I am, and everybody around me has had to learn to accept that.

Moe Lane

PS: The Zombie Survival Guide doesn’t think you should drive at all.  To which I say, try transporting more than 10 lb. of looted medical materials to your isolated fortress on a bicycle and see how far you get.

PPS: Heh.  I guess that AoSHQ was saving this story for Saturday, too.  Theirs have more pictures.