Oh, my aching head: Time for a “study” on DADT.

I’m noting this in RedHot/my site because Brian has covered the basics of the thing itself; essentially, the President is going to wait until the military gets back to him before he tries to get the law repealed. Speaking as someone who actually favors allowing gays to serve openly in the military, let me correct two egregious errors in the article:

  1. Clinton was not “forced to back off”; he out-and-out caved on this issue at the first sign of pressure.
  2. A “comprehensive assessment” does not actually mean a “comprehensive assessment:” as Karl over at Patterico notes in a different controversy, it means something more like “to move an issue onto a back burner.”

In other words, don’t count on this changing this spring. Or this year. Or, quite possibly, this Presidential term.

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