Over/under on Daschle withdrawing?

He’s got the New York Times calling for his removal (check out Hot Air for appropriate scorn at the way that the Grey Lady is weaseling on this one), there was a quid pro quo between Daschle and the guy who gave him the car and chauffeur, and the best defense that Obama’s press sacrificial victim secretary could come up with?

“Nobody’s perfect.” Well that, and that the President “absolutely” stands by the guy. With those kinds of assurances, we may not make it to my private bet on the announcement of his withdrawal, which I had pegged for some time Wednesday morning.

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3 thoughts on “Over/under on Daschle withdrawing?”

  1. The man is scum and should go. But what do I know? I foolishly thought Geithner should never have been confirmed. Elections have consequences and people voted for Obama knowing he was a Chicago pol in the “classic” sense.

  2. Yeah, you’re about 24 hours too late. CNN’s running a “Breaking News” scrawl about him withdrawing right now (1:15-ish EST Tuesday afternoon).

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