This adaptation of Edelweiss is not actually an abomination.

No, really.

…even if you liked the song and the movie (by the way, in case nobody ever told you: it’s OK to like The Sound of Music. I like The Sound of Music, and here I am admitting it on the Internet and everything); after all, Rogers & Hammerstein made up the blessed thing themselves*. At least, that’s what Wikipedia says, and there’s nothing about it that has anything to do with the Iraq War, so it’s probably accurate enough. So: it’s a commercialization of a faux-authentic folk song created for commercial purposes, so no worries, right?

This, on the other hand:

…I’m as appalled about as you are. And I’m not even going to link to the Country Road cover that I stumbled across in the first place.

Moe Lane

PS: It’s a band called Vanilla Mood, and it’s apparently not easy to get their stuff in this country. I suspect that many of you may be relieved now.

*Probably because all of the existing Austrian songs about flowers were either lame or in German.

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