And to think we almost had this guy in the EPA.

I was going to rip into Rep Steve King (R, IA-05) for tossing out a 9 minute YouTube of RFK Jrs’ testimony where he stated that hog farmers were a greater threat than Osama bin Laden. It’s great that Rep. King has a channel, but 9 minutes?

Then I watched it.

My God.

My God.

If you ever thought that having this lunatic running the EPA was a good idea, do the Republic a favor and burn your voter registration card before you do any real damage with it.

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  • Robin says:

    I agree this kind of hyperbole is the last thing those of us fighting factory farms need. Unfortunately, he’s right about the dangers of these large farms and the fact that we cannot fight them if we share the same community.

    I just recently researched how to put a moratorium on manure ponds in my township in upstate NY. Well, you can’t. You see, we have the NYS Ag and Markets and they have usurped and morphed the Right To Farm laws here in NY so that a township (the legal body) cannot in any way infringe upon the right of a factory farm to expand, EVEN IF IT ENDANGERS THE SHARED WATER TABLE. This is the kind of thing that RFKjr is talking about.

    It is un-American for a community to not be able to control the practices of these factory farms, and worse, have a government agency bully local municipalities with threats of lawsuits and withholding of state monies for their efforts to regulate the practices of these factory farms.

    The argument is that factory farms are the only method that can feed the multitude inexpensively. The truth is that government subsidies go to these farms to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars per farm each year, so we really don’t know the cost of a gallon of milk or a pound of chicken. Conservatives should be up in arms about the government intervention in a business sector, intervention that has with great deliberation and success driven the family farm out of business by supporting these corporate farms and making the playing field untenable for the small operators. This was done with great deliberation to control surpluses, and thus control the price of a commodity.

    If it sounds Orwellian and unbelievable, well, let’s just say that those of us in the trenches living next to these farms are shocked at how insidious the plot really is, with Cornell University just down teh road, as the mastermind behind the effort. Worse, this method of intensive farming and spreading of animal waste on fields that drain into our bodies of water (Finger Lakes here) and water table is only 10 years old. We really don’t know the long term environmental cost of this practice, but we should be worried.

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