No, really, Glenn: Dumber than soap.

[UPDATE]: I offer the traditional welcome to our Instapundit visitors – geekery on the main page, feel free to peruse – and cheerfully note to Dan Riehl that the woman did say it twice.  I’m only human.

My RS colleague Jeff Emanuel reported on this little oopsie by Speaker Pelosi:

The title of the YouTube was “Dumber than Soap,” which Glenn Reynolds was gentlemanly enough to discount. Alas, Jeff did some more digging, and it turns out that this wasn’t the first time:

WALLACE: So you agree union card check later rather than sooner, and maybe not taking away the secret ballot?

PELOSI: Well, I believe that — I know that President-elect Obama is a strong supporter of America’s workers. I myself am a strong supporter of that legislation. We passed it with a strong vote in the House in the last Congress, and I continue to be supportive of it.
But in terms of what we have to do in the first 100 days, we must address the needs of this country. Five hundred million people will lose their jobs each month until we have an economic package.
WALLACE: No, 500,000.
PELOSI: What did I say, million?
WALLACE: Yes, 500 million. That would really be a recession.
PELOSI: Oh, no. Excuse me. Thank you for correcting me.

Ah, for the days of the casual rhetorical competence of the Bush administration.


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