The end of a war that you’ve never heard of.

Well, that some of you have never heard of. Apparently there is a game called EVE Online. It’s a space genre Massively Mutiplayer Online computer game (resource gathering & strategic fighting), and it had a full-fledged “evil empire” alliance in it that everybody else in the game universe was gunning for… and was unable to destroy. And somebody just destroyed it.

I’m bringing the story to your attention because it’s fascinating reading, even if you don’t play MMPOs. It apparently involved treason, a complicated shell game, alternate identities, and the loss/transferal of resources with a game value of billions and a real-world value of tens of thousands of dollars. Plus, the webcomic that Aaron Williams did on the subject gives you an idea of just how far the bailout meme has penetrated the non-political ‘sphere.

3 thoughts on “The end of a war that you’ve never heard of.”

  1. Entirely expected that Something Awful readers would get their way through deception and theft. Sorry if you’re a fan, but I’m not 🙂

    That place is worse than Mos Eisley, because Mos Eisley doesn’t send out raiding parties to cause trouble all across Tatooine.

  2. Knowing a little something of that culture Neil, the people of Something Awful/Fark/EBaum/”The Chans”/ect, I have to say that this is their modus operandi. They are not interested in good or evil, just anarchy. They also really don’t care for their success, just as long as you fail (and fail epicly). They are a force of nature on the internet and you must treat them as such.

  3. It’s not anarchy they’re interested in. They *abuse* perceived anarchy to bring ill to others, especially if they can gain personal profit.

    That’s evil. That’s not amoral, it’s immoral.

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