I sing now of bacon salt.

Ah, Bacon Salt. (Also available here).

There are people who claim that bacon salt is American. It is not. Let me repeat that: bacon salt is not American.

It is AMERICA. It is the distilled, refined, crystallized promise of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  Other countries – perfectly decent countries; but, alas, countries fatally hampered by not being the USA – have come across the idea of bacon salt, and said “That would be great”… and shrugged, then went along their business.  But WE didn’t!  From our ranks sprang two men who reached out and took that idea and made it a reality on their own hook, and on the dime of America’s Funniest Home Videos):

That won five grand – WHICH MEANS THAT AT LEAST A SAINT IN HEAVEN WANTED BACON SALT TO BECOME A REALITY. And why not? It’s vegetarian, kosher, (I think) halal… and it makes everything that it touches taste like bacon. And it’s freely available in your local supermarket, which means you can go buy some right now. So go buy some.

For America. And your popcorn. And mashed potatoes. And roast chicken. And pot roasts…

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  • Flash says:

    Yes! I also subscribe to the theory that anything + bacon is an improvement.

    Recently bought some (kind of expensive, at $4.25 at Acme for a small shaker-sized amount). It’s kind of bacon-y, anyway. Smells sort of smoky, almost. It’s good as a replacement of regular salt in scrambled eggs, and it fared less well on hamburger meat. I’d love to hear others’ experimental results.

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