An update to Warner Todd Huston’s Colorado outrage.

If you haven’t read it yet, read it here.

Yup. Threatening a kid for having fake gun-shaped items used for rifle drills. Fascinating how these people think, huh?

The principal for Cherokee Trail High School is Brooke Gregory. S/he could very well be not yet fully aware of this situation: give him/her a call at 720-886-1904 and politely inquire.

The Superintendent for the Cherry Creek School System is Marie Chesley, and she would no doubt like this problem to go away. You can reach her at 303-773-1184 – just to make sure, though.

The Congressman for CO-07 is Ed Perlmutter (D). Call him up at 202-225-2645 and ask him if he supports the expulsion of students trying to do rifle drills. If you live in the District, his number there is 303.274.7944.

Mark Udall (D) is the senior Senator for Colorado. Call him at 202-224-5941 (877-768-3255 if you’re from Colorado) and ask him the same question, assuming that you can get through from all the people screaming about how we’re about to pass a trillion dollar debt bill. On the other hand, they’d probably be ecstatic to have something less minefield-like to work on, at this point.

Michael F. Bennet (D) is the junior Senator for Colorado. Call him at 202-224-5852; if/when you get through, be sure to ask whether he would have sanctioned this when he was running the Denver school system.

…And that’s all that I can think of, under the circumstances.

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3 thoughts on “An update to Warner Todd Huston’s Colorado outrage.”

  1. I have just now sent the following email to all relevant school administrators and the two Colorado senators as well as the representative from that district.

    “I am appalled that a young woman is about to have her future crushed because of the illogical expulsion she faces. What in the name of all that is holy were you and others thinking of when you did this? Has common sense deserted all of you? Since when did carrying wooden replicas used for drill team activities get placed in a category requiring suspension? Most of us in Middle America would swoon to have a child who is pointed in the direction this young woman is headed. In the rush to enforce a policy allowing no common sense, you have probably destroyed her hopes and her future. Great job educators!

    With all the real issues facing schools today I cannot fathom how this happened. Now is the time for those of you with the least bit of gumption to stand up and say “We made a mistake and we are sorry for the turmoil we have caused in the life of this wonderful young student. We apologize to her and her family for our actions and will take steps to use a more common sense approach to these type of issues in the future”.

    In a time when young people have less and less to aspire to and when we need future leaders like this young woman, it is wrong headed and unwise to continue with this process.”

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