Rasmussen reports tie in Generic Congressional Ballot.

Well, +1 D, but apparently that’s close enough for government work:

Parties Now Neck-and-Neck on Generic Congressional Ballot

Are Republicans winning the public relations battle over spending in the $800-billion-plus economic stimulus package? Democrats and Republicans are nearly even in this week’s edition of the Generic Congressional Ballot.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone surveys found that the Democrats’ lead is down to just one percentage point. Forty percent (40%) of voters said they would vote for their district’s Democratic candidate while 39% said they would choose the Republican (see crosstabs).

This marks the lowest level of support for the Democrats in tracking history and is the closest the two parties have been on the generic ballot.

Blue Dogs, take note. Or don’t: we can go with either scenario, really.

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One thought on “Rasmussen reports tie in Generic Congressional Ballot.”

  1. It’s good to see the pendulum swing, but it’s not enough and not fast enough. The current Dem majority coupled with Obama in the WH have me pretty well convinced that pointing to the 2010 mid-terms is a losing strategy. Whatever damage these clowns are going to do is going to be well along to the irreversible state by then.

    Everywhere I look, I see indicators that there is a broad based drawing back from moderates, conservatives and independents who either supported “Change” or figured it was no big deal to choose between two crappy choices. Disillusionment seems to be extending into African-American communities and even spreading overseas.

    What I don’t see is any meaningful sign of activity. Oh, the blogs are full of comments, the pundits are in bloom and there are even some telephone campaigns against the stimulus bill. But those do not equate to a meaningful resistance. I suppose Republicans have never been much for crying “To the barricades!”, but unless we begin to take action, we will find ourselves well and truly screwed.

    Let’s take it a bit beyond the Republican Party. I have been a registered independent for 25 years, since I stopped being a Texas Democrat. I thought of joining the Republican Party, but that’s too narrow a focus. There are independents, libertarians and even a number of Democrats who are becoming more and more aghast at what is happening to our country. Big tent, indeed. We have to look beyond mere electoral strategy and find ways to keep our country from being sold down the drain. I have no desire to live in the Weimar Republic.

    I have been milling around for several months hoping for the best, but now it is apparent to me that my hope is pretty forlorn. I picked you to sound off to, because I remember some very good discussions back on the old Tacitus site (back then I was dave’s not here). I’ve been working stupid hours for a few years and pretty well dropped out of things, but I can’t afford not to get involved

    There are, I firmly believe, a huge number of Americans who are appalled at the direction in which our country is being shoved. Let’s start the discussion on how to take our country back.

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