Swiss now require clothes on German hikers.

Via The New Ledger:

Swiss ban Germans from nude hiking in Alpine town

A SWISS village is trying to ban an army of invading nude German hikers who have invaded their picturesque corner of the Alps.

Officials in the town of Appenzell have introduced a fixed fine for people found hiking in just a pair of sturdy boots and a rucksack after a German nudist organisation promoted “nature” walks for its members.

I understand the attraction of naturism and the need to throw off the hypocritical shackles of millenniums of convention and repression and the need to reconnect and glory in one’s own body, but good God, people: it’s February. You’re hiking in Switzerland in February. You’re making me cold just by thinking about it.

Save it for August.

Moe Lane

PS: No, no pictures. Why? Because the article didn’t have any except one of a picturesque Swiss village and because… well, think about it for a second. These would be real nudists. Not Hollywood nudists.