“‘Morning, Mr. Lane. Sleep well? Here, have some culture shock.”

The future sneaks up on you when you’re not paying attention. Some highlights from this article (via Fark):

A transplant may enable mom to hold her kids
Sarah Mues could become first woman ever to get two transplanted hands

Well, that’s significa… sorry, “first woman“? “Two“?

[Sarah] Mues has been accepted as a candidate to become only the fifth person in the United States to undergo a hand transplant. She would be the first American woman to receive a transplanted hand, and the first in the world to get two.

We’re transplanting hands now?

There are several reasons why hand and arm transplants have lagged behind organ transplants. One is the sheer complexity of the procedure. In an organ transplant, blood vessels, ducts and nerves must be reconnected. In a hand, surgeons also have to connect bones, tendons, muscles and skin.

This is now “complex,” as opposed to, say, “impossible”?

It takes a long time for nerves to regenerate and bring some sensation to a transplanted hand, and full sensation is not a certain outcome.

We can regenerate nerves now?

Sorry.  I haven’t been keeping up with medical news, and it’s not a field that my wife keeps up with, either – so sorry if this is old hat to the rest of you.  I’m just amazed by the fact that we’ve apparently jumped a GURPS
tech level in medical technology since the last time I looked, that’s all.

So don’t mind me.

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