OK, so they’re breaking the back of the common cold, now.

Clearly I need to start reading Fark’s Geek tag, because it keeps telling me welcome things like this:

Scientists decode genomes of all known rhinoviruses, first step towards cure

TORONTO – Scientists have decoded the genetic blueprints of all known strains of rhinoviruses – a.k.a. the common cold.

The ambitious project, the results of which were published Thursday, should fast-forward efforts to combat these viral nuisances. But the vast genetic variation seen across the various strains suggests it is unlikely pharmaceutical scientists could concoct one single drug to treat all versions, the senior author of the study admitted.

Yeah, we apparently may have to settle for three or four drugs that will work. The horror. My God, the absolute horror.

Moe Lane

PS: Just to note: no external funding was used to generate this breakthrough. Just thought that I’d mention.

PPS: The scientists wondering whether anybody will want to develop a project to cure a disease (really, a suite of diseases) that most people without asthma find at worst annoying should consider this: rich abd powerful people get colds, too. They can’t do a damned thing about them, either. But, hey, there’s a drug regimen waiting for FDA approval…

Hey, think about it. Remember when Viagra came out? Remember how quickly that stuff got into the hands of the populace? Remember when people with heart conditions got heart attacks from taking the stuff? Remember how nobody cared enough to yank the drug from production? Yeah, it’s going to be like that, more or less.

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