Burris changes story on Blagojevich relationship. Again.

We’re now up to version 4.0, and by now you have to wonder just what is on those FBI tapes. Whatever it is, it must be juicy:

Burris now acknowledges fundraising effort for Blagojevich

U.S. Sen. Roland Burris has acknowledged he sought to raise campaign funds for then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich at the request of the governor’s brother at the same time he was making a pitch to be appointed to the Senate seat previously held by President Barack Obama.

Via Hot Air. The first three versions are summed up here, and as I noted then, I couldn’t wait for this version.

Here’s the bottom line: Burris is simply not credible at this point when it comes to establishing just how and when he got that nomination from former Governor Blagojevich, and his failure to provide a clear – or even consistent – explanation is only matched by both the the Illinois state organization and the US Senate’s ‘inexplicable’ failure to keep him from being seated. I say ‘inexplicable’ because everyone reading this knows that the reason it happened was because both groups are being run by the Democratic Party at the moment, and the Democratic Party had no intention of letting this seat be even at slight risk of being subject to a special election.

After all, a Republican might have won an election.  Couldn’t have that.  Doesn’t fit the current narrative.

Moe Lane

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3 thoughts on “Burris changes story on Blagojevich relationship. Again.”

  1. It appears that all Dims in Chitown, and probably most nationwide, and undoubtedly a few Republicans are corrupt to the bone. Time to clean out the lot of them and limit sessions of congress to 2 months every three years. Maybe that’s too long. A lot of mischief can be done in 2 months.

    In the meantime, time for a special election for Senator in Illinois.

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