Apparently, the meme is female eye-candy.

As exemplified by CNN (H/T: Protein Wisdom), which tells us that men see bikini-clad women as objects. This has been seized upon by large sections of the blogosphere as an excuse to show cheesecake, of course: fortunately, as a SF/fantasy/SCA geek I have a secret weapon.

Women in armor.

Pic after the fold.

melaniefront Man, that is a nice adaptation of the Churburg set. Click on this link to see some more pictures of the way it’s put together: they say that it’s 16 gauge, and that it’s been regularly used in SCA combat for several years. That’s not… the worst brag in the world, really.


Look, that’s the problem with being in the SCA, OK? After a while, you start to wince at the impracticality of most fantasy armor – particularly the female versions of same. Besides, my wife (not pictured) reads this site every so often – and she (unlike me) actually qualified for heavy once, so it’s probable that she could kick my butt with a sword.

Moe Lane

PS: I’m told that The Armored Rose is a very useful resource for those looking to teach, or learn, sword techniques designed for the female form.


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