Le affaire Hamas Letter: well, it’s John Kerry.

Ot-nay oo-tay ight-bray, if you know what I mean:

Kerry Turns Over Hamas Letter to U.S. Consulate

U.S. Sen. John Kerry has turned over to the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem a letter from Hamas to President Obama that Kerry had received during his trip to the Middle East, FOX News has learned.

Kerry spokesman Frederick Jones said the Democratic senator was not aware that the letter was from Hamas when he accepted it from a United Nations official, and only heard media reports of its origin, which prompted him to relinquish it.

News that Kerry had given up the letter came after the Israeli embassy and a former Bush adviser on Middle East affairs said Friday that Kerry should not act as mailman for a group labeled as a terrorist organization by the United States.

If you’re thinking that the reporting on this sounds a little different than “In a Letter, a Leader of Hamas Makes an Appeal to Obama,” well, that would be because Fox News is more interested in the fact that Hamas tried to use Kerry to pass a message than in the message itself; the NYT takes the opposite tack. No word on the actual text of the letter itself, including how many times it called for the death of all the Jews; personally, I’m going to guess only three times. They’re trying to look good for the international community*.

Anyway… well, it’s Senator John Kerry. This is just the sort of I-don’t-really-think-this-stuff-through thing that he does; and the people of Massachusetts seem to like it, because they keep sending him back to the Senate**; so what are you going to do? Besides never vote for him for President – not that there was ever any real chance of that happening. I knew that we had this one in the bag when he made that hysterical salute at the 2004 convention…

Moe Lane

*You think that was snark, but Hamas does stuff like this. They are not normal.

**Which I frankly find cruel of them. What have I ever done to Massachusetts, that it keeps sending Kerry to the DC area?

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