Reminder: March 15th is International Eat a Tasty Animal for PETA Day.

Mark your calendars, and start haunting the meat aisle.

EATAPETA is a traditional holiday started by Meryl Yourish, and much beloved by those who get annoyed by the group (quite bipartisan, by the way: I’ve seen vegans go off on PETA).  The Anchoress recommends that you go with seafood for this year’s festivities, what with the entire “sea kitten” thing: Musing Minds is taking recipes.  But that might be because of the Lent thing.

As always, remember: if you happen to be someone who does not eat meat – and there are a variety of valid reasons why people personally choose not to do so – but you despise PETA anyway, just throw BBQ sauce on whatever it is that you’re eating in order to symbolically reject the group.

Moe Lane

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