I admit that the war rhino was a bit much…

(300, and with apologies to Brother Pejman)

…but as Dan Collins helpfully notes, when it comes to expressing sentiments that offend a people we’ll see you a “over the top, digitally enhanced midriff sporting, completely anachronistic Spartan soldiers versus the Fetishist Horde” and raise you a “kill the Jews.”

Just saying, Ahmadinejad regime.  Just saying.

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3 thoughts on “I admit that the war rhino was a bit much…”

  1. I am sure that Sean Penn and Chris Robbins can be recruited to do a feel-good buddy movie about two mullahs as they go about their business murdering Iranian citizens for made-up crimes. Do you think that would be a good, positive message or do you think they are demanding something else?

  2. (Whoops! I meant Tim Robbins. Guess if I cared more about Hollywood I would have caught that error.)

  3. I never saw 300. I’ve heard its good. It’s just that every time I saw the trailer I would chortle, snicker and snort. Reality and I are like that. Just a couple of snarky fellows.

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