The latest Darths & Droids explains it all.

[UPDATE]: Fixed.

This comic is clearly therapy for David Morgan-Mar.  Because he so desperately needs Attack of the Clones to make sense, somehow.

Personally, when I get a moment of Lovecraftian existential horror at the meaninglessness of the universe that is exemplified by the prequel trilogy, I just imbibe tequila until I’m no longer in the Bad Place. It’s even good for me! As a friend of mine once said: “Sure, drinking kills brain cells – but only the weak ones!”


  • Steve says:

    You re-linked the asteroid article, instead of the comic. Feel free to delete this comment once you’ve fixed it.

  • Michael N. says:

    I fear you’ve made an error on the link — this just links to the Sydney Morning Herald piece on the asteroid near-miss from the previous post. I know it was probably an “Irregular Webcomic” link, but which one?

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