Witness how far we’ve fallen…

[UPDATE]: Welcome, Instapundit readers. If you haven’t seen the alternate universe Watchmen Saturday cartoon intro, may I suggest that you check it out?

Glenn Reynolds is actually giving moral credit to a news organization for not memory-holing a straw poll that’s not coming out as expected.

And that’s not the sign of how far we’ve fallen: it’s that I can see Glenn’s point.  That’s just flat-out depressing.

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  • MSNBC says:

    C’mon, you gotta admit this is pretty good for us.

  • I’m even more surprised that it’s MSNBC that’s not sending this down the memory hole. Heck, ABC or CBS would have had this thing gone in a heart beat once the results got this lop sided.

  • David says:

    They can all read the ratings can’t they Moe, and anyway one shouldn’t feel depressed about having principles and holding to them even when the other side doesn’t. O.K that is depressing.

  • Rae says:

    Where is the link from MSNBC to this poll? While they might not “have disappeared” the poll, as Glenn reports, they’re certainly not linking to it. If you look at the top of the page where the poll is, you’ll see… Politics/White House. When you go to that page there is no link to this poll. Even a search on their site for “Live Vote” didn’t have it on the first 6 pages, I gave up after that. I think Glenn spoke too soon about giving them credit. I’ll give them credit when they actually “report” on the poll, have one of their shows even broach the subject, etc.

  • It is “interesting” that the percentages have remained practically the same from early on in the poll. Here are three sets of of numbers that I’ve seen:

    At around 90K responses:
    A – 18%
    B – 7%
    C – 5.1%
    D – 12%
    F – 59%

    At around 146K responses:
    A – 18%
    B – 6.2%
    C – 5%
    D – 12%
    F – 59%

    At around 153K responses (a few moments ago):
    A – 18%
    B – 6.2%
    C – 5%
    D – 12%
    F – 59%

    The consistency of that spread over that many responses is suspect. I mean … this IS MSNBC! They’re not known for a big Conservative audience. So just HOW do we explain the numbers? Appears to me that the poll has been hijacked … although it WAS a lot of fun to click that “F” grade!!

  • MSNBC says:

    Well, whether it has or it hasn’t it has, you know?

  • Kazinski says:

    Generally when a poll is being gamed there are wide swings when one faction or another posts an exhortation on one website or another. If its consistent over time then it probably reflects the audience that is seeing the poll, which may be self selected but it is consistent.

  • Dan Holway says:

    I clicked a ‘D’ because, well, it could get worse.

  • TB says:

    All online polls are crap.

  • Toads says:

    Then poll has not been gamed.

    Obama’s approval rating will be about 40% in a couple of months.

  • Jane says:

    I was reading Just one Minute and Stephanie had linked the poll – Monday – the first time I looked – there were 12000 responses and the A’s were about 34% – The F’s were in the 40’s and the D’s about 9% – so even early on – it was grim – although there were more A’s back then.

    I think either Kos has not linked – or – those who drank the kool-aid are trying to send dear leader a message …

  • ACORN says:

    No worries. We were just advised us this poll and we will be ‘correcting’ it shortly.

  • retro says:

    Of course they’ll leave it up. MSNBS hasn’t seen this kind of traffic since it went online, or since Matthews pissed down his leg when he heard an obama speech.

  • Detuner says:

    Yep, there it goes now… Someone’s rigging it now so that the Fs are down to 48% with (no doubt) a little help from Kos and DU’s script kiddies.

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