They’ve *finally* rereleased the revised Mazes & Minotaurs ruleset!

Link here.  It actually happened in 2008; I can’t believe that I missed this!  Then again, it was an election year.

Going through the books themselves, I note that they’ve corrected a bunch of the spelling errors and what not, but not the artwork, which is vintage 1987-style “we can’t afford anything better.”  I suppose that I shouldn’t complain – the damn things are free, after all – but it’s not like LGS can’t afford decent artists these days for M&M.  I guess that too many of my fellow-gamers would complain if they jazzed up the thing for the modern audience: cheesy art is as important for the nostalgia kick as is the taste of Fritos and Pepsi.

Many thanks to Call of Cybele guru Ken Hite for the head’s-up.

Moe Lane

PS: What did I play? One of these guys. Totally homebrew, of course. I loved M&M, but it never handled running variant races well. Well, that and the lack of alternative settings. I had this campaign that I wanted to run, based on the works of an English author named John Tolkien, but I never was able to make the rules set work…

[Update]: Heh, I would have thought that the “Everett-Wheeler-Graham Model” tag would have been diagnostic.

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