This happened to me three weeks ago.

And I’ll be thirty-nine in ten days.

So, yeah, right on the money, here.


  • Neil Stevens says:

    I started having that dream once in a while about a few years ago.

    It’s even worse than that though. I’ll be sitting in my dorm room realize that I haven’t been attending any of my classes at all for the term (or quarter, since sometimes it’s high school and not college). I haven’t done any homework or reading for any of the classes, I don’t know what’s going on in them, I don’t even know what rooms they’re in or when I need to be there.

    They don’t play out like nightmares though. Just powerlessness.

  • Loren Heal says:

    I have forgotten I registered for two classes, and now have to sober up and take the finals.

    In real life I’m currently taking one grad class a semester. Every semester before registration, I have that same dream.

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