I don’t normally do these kind of…

…’round the blogs posts; but it is kind of funny that Cynthia Yockley’s (aka The Conservative Lesbian) poking of Stacey McCain’s condemnation of gay marriage caused him to disseminate a picture that now apparently makes for the most interesting automatic a*d* choices.

One trembles to contemplate what this post will do. Although, speaking as someone who was a spatula serf for seven years, really: the entire purpose of the fast-food restaurant is that you get food. Fast.

Not that violence is an appropriate response, of course.

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  • Moe,

    It was great meeting you this evening on Capitol Hill! Stacy is being a great sport and I’m glad you see the humor, too! I’m putting you in my Blogroll and I hope there’s room for “A Conservative Lesbian” on yours!

    Cynthia Yockey


    I’m a big Maxfield Parrish fan, too.

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