Charmingly retro.

It was even popular in England: it was only because VHS won out in the US that it died out over there. In other words, a Betamax gift would have rocked, Iowahawk.

Sorry: it turns out that the stupid jokes that we all made about how the DVDs that Obama gave Brown were the wrong region were…

Yeah. Yeah, they were. How do we know? Because the Prime Minister actually sat down to watch ’em, that’s how we know.

I never want to hear another single damned word about how intellectually incurious George W Bush was.


Moe Lane


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  • Matt says:

    You’re right Moe, until elected President G.W. Bush hadn’t been to any other country, except for Mexico. So he has a valid excuse for like that.

  • Barrack Obama says:

    Thanks Matt, I’ll send you an eight track of my speeches in appreciation for that rousing defense.

  • Moe_Lane says:

    Be nice, Barry. Matt’s a friend of mine.

  • Matt says:

    And Barry, It wasn’t a defense. It was a snary comment try to keep Moe honest.

    A defense would be something like; in my nine years in selling entertainment electronics I had many encounters with localized hardware and software. The public is not informed DVD region codes and it is not just a problem in the USA. I had many customers from Europe and South America who also did not know.

    Secondly, a quick check of Amazon shows 18,563 region 2 DVD, as opposed to 330,978 on just DVDs. I severely doubt that you could walk into a Best Buy, ask for one and get more then a drooling collage student say “What’s that?”

    Here’s my question for you. Why can’t the discussion be on policy and things that matter to get this country working again, and not this partisan B.S. that seem to occupy us all? Hmmm, maybe that is the real point snarky comment.

    A life long Republican but not a Conservative.

  • Moe_Lane says:

    As I said, he’s a friend of mine, and unfamiliar with the political blogosphere. He means no harm.

  • Neil Stevens says:

    It’s trivially easy to buy Region 2 DVDs in the US via online retailers.

    I’ve *done* it.

    It just takes forethought and preparation. You can’t run down to the local Best Buy, pick up the DVDs the day before, and run with the idea when your staff realizes in a panic that they need to get something.

  • Barrack Obama says:

    Okay, okay, cause he’s a friend of yours, Moe, I’ll send him an eight track and a forty five vinyl of my best quotes, and some skittles and a unicorn too.

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