The phrase “biologically accurate depiction” is problematical.

Although the picture is a bit more reassuring in that regard.


The giant lobster of Plantation Key found its new home Friday morning in the Florida Keys. Betsey, who stands three stories tall, is now out in front of the Rain Barrel Artisan Village shopping complex at mile marker 86.7 of U.S. 1.

Betsey is made of metal and fiberglass. She is a detailed, biologically accurate depiction of a female spiny lobster.

Mostly because it drives home the lesson that just because a lobster may have female naughty bits doesn’t mean that you’re going to recognize them on sight. Which is a very strange sort of lesson, but then: it’s Key West. Those guys have turned secession into a The Mouse that Roared-style tourist attraction, so none of this is precisely out of character.

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