The SUGAR Act of 2009.

Short for the “Shut Up and Go Away Reform act of 2009.” As creator Vodkapundit notes (H/T Ed Driscoll), it’s very simple:

We as a nation will pay Obama and Geithner 1% off the top of any and all stock market profits. In exchange, they’ll shut up and go away. They’ll keep their jobs; they just won’t do anything. Surely, Treasury couldn’t do any worse with 18 of 18 top positions vacant, than it has with only one position filled. And after 75 years of presidential overreach, it might be a nice change of pace to have a chief executive whose chief goal is to enjoy a nice cocktail.

If you think that this is actually not that great an idea… no, it’s probably not. As Stephen Green himself admits; but the idea still resonates with him, and Ed, and Glenn Reynolds, and probably a whole lot of libertarian-friendly types.

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