Iowahawk publishes the second Journolist thread.

Not to indulge in pop psychology – HA! This is the Internet, baby; the bad psychology is only matched by the bad sociology, with the bad cultural analysis batting cleanup – but you do have to wonder whether this particular parody might be just a little too biting for the recipients’ comfort (H/T IMAO). They’d totally deny it, of course – they would* – but every blogger that I’ve heard of so far that’s been linked to the Journolist has also had an inferiority complex that you could bounce rocks off of (thank you, Terry Pratchett. I think).

I’m not entirely certain what they’re feeling inferior to; possibly neither are they. The mainstream media, for having travel budgets and instant access; us Right-Wing Death Beasts, for daring to laugh and have fun instead of curling up and dying in the face of their superior daily traffic; their looming twentieth year high school reunions, for all I know.Whatever it is, it’s a doozy; it caused them to do one heck of a regress. Such a shame, really.

OK… no, its not. But you’re supposed to say things like that in these situations.

Moe Lane

*The paradox in that would be both more interesting and kind of tragic, if only I cared.

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