The Laptop Replacement Fund Drive Update.

[UPDATE] The links should work now. Sorry. Use this: Please click on the Donate button on the right until I figure out what went wrong.

As you know, my laptop computer died; the good news is that I’m about halfway to my goal to get enough money together to replace it. The bad news is that I got that money through one exceptionally generous donor, which is why I’m shaking the tip jar in a shameless fashion again.

Folks, I ain’t going to lie to you: this isn’t a situation where it’s give me money or I lose my house.  But as Brother Erick Erickson noted here, me and the rest of the Right-sphere are pretty much doing this stuff on our own dime.  A laptop doesn’t improve the quality of life for me here at home and it doesn’t make it easier to do my primary job (which is raising my kid); it merely makes it easier for me to cover public events of interest to my readers.  I only had my original one in the first place because I was able to get it to work on the cheap.  So if you’ve liked the political stuff that I’ve done in the past, please: hit the tip jar, because I don’t have an equipment budget.

Moe Lane

PS: And if you’re not interested in helping me specifically, hey, I’m sure that you have a favorite blogger who could just as easily use a sawbuck or two dropped in his or her tip jar.

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  1. FYI, the link in the post didn’t work, but the one in the upper right hand did, so you should get a few bucks from me shortly.

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