Those of you susceptible to acid flashbacks…

…(not that there’s anything wrong with that), avoid this:

From comments of this Hot Air post about an industrial safety video that itself has to be seen to be believed.


  • :Mouth hanging wide open:



    That was freaking AWESOME!


    I probably would have quit not long after having watched a training video like this though. Heck, even the straightforward ones are cheesy enough.

  • Amy Miller says:

    By the time it got to the singing meat product patties, I was drooling into my mid-afternoon Snappletini…


  • Brian Faughnan says:

    I wouldn’t worry about those subject to acid flashbacks; I’d worry about those who saw this training video when they started their 1982 summer jobs. It probably took years to erase the pain, and you’re reopening old wounds.

  • Daily Dose says:

    That’s No Way to Treat a Hamburger…

    Moe Lane posted this video, which Caleb sent me, the point of which is that it is trippy as all hell.  That’s not the takeaway I got from it.

    I can hardly stand to watch them mash these burgers down, a heinous practice used by every fast-fo…

  • Jaded says:

    NOT that there’s anything wrong with thst…heh!

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