“The typical American is not a good citizen…”

(Via Glenn Reynolds) I’d submit this without comment:

…except where’s the fun in that? Not that I have much to add: when you have members of your group saying things like “The typical American is not a good citizen” further commentary may seem a touch unfair. I will note that if this group is typical then the NWF people are building up quite the conspiracy theory for themselves; par for the course, mind you, but still worth pointing out. They also don’t seem to like the rest of us very much.

Which is also par for the course.

Moe Lane

PS: If there was a protester with an American flag at that rally, I missed it. Didn’t see any in the DC video, either. Boulder? Nope.

Hmm. Do I detect a theme?

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  • armchairpunter says:

    Where to begin?

    How do the causes of nationalization and decentralization share the same bullhorn? On what planet?

    “We’re nonpartisan. They’re Republicans.”

    “Those people are totally brainwashed.”

    Blaming the education system for those who took out loans from “predatory” lenders? Our public schools are obviously the tool of the vast right wing conspiracy.

  • Neil says:

    History tells us that is the norm. One of the most famous anarchists in America had been Emma Goldman. When the workers paradise the Soviet Union came into being her and her live-in could hardly wait to get to this promised land. Imagine, they were disappointed to find it wasn’t quite what they expected. So, they came back to America, to later have the Wilson administration kick them back out during the Palmer led “red scare”. Course the Progressives like their European Fascists counterparts weren’t terribly fond of communists or anarchists.

  • Richard Blaine says:

    You are not a good citizen unless you think and do exactly like me.

  • Peg C. says:

    This is very illuminating for those who need it. But our side knew the truth of this already. These people hate America and HATE US. Dissent may be patriotic, but these people are not dissenting, they are on the other side. And they’re not patriotic.

    I’m not sure why, middle-age dyslexia maybe, but every time I see NWF I think “not safe for work.” Either I’m surfing too much or there is something about these people that is obscene. Probably both. Heh!

  • jdkchem says:

    I may be mistaken but AFAIK it is illegal to fly the American flag in Boulder. /sarc

  • RM3 Frisker FTN says:

    “too big to fail”?

    GM? Ford? Chrysler? UAW? All too big to fail? Ergo too big to exist!!!

  • Parker says:

    Why do you need a megaphone to talk to twenty people?

  • Jeffersonian says:

    I’m going to go get a Chomsky Reader so I can be a Good Citizen.

  • MattN says:

    These people are not to be taken seriously, because deep down they never expect to face the consequences of what they advocate. They never expect to be, nor do they trruly wish to be, in a position of either power or responsibility, because both of these option would require a personal sacrifice on their parts.

    They’d rather play-act at being romantic, political martyrs (like the poster-children of the 1920’s and -30’s Progressives). When what they ‘fight for’ does not come to pass, it’s never their fault (or rather, never the logical consequence of their luke-warm, non-comittal, political dillitantism), but because the rest of us are ‘bad citizens’ or heartless bastards (i.e. Republicans/Conservatives).

    We’ve seen this act before, and it still stinks on ice 70 years later.

  • deagle says:

    This is a problem with the dissidents. If they do not act outrageous, they are not noticed. That is a shame and does seem way too normal in society today (not to mention those that are just stupid).

    Maybe it’s time to do more – ie, threaten violence to cartoons in the Post. Oh well, it does seem that we are lost when it comes to thoughts other than that excepted by the MSM. Maybe we are really too far gone to realize the freedoms given to us by the ancestors…

    Long live our ancestors beliefs… Too bad they are not and will not be upheld…

  • Frank G says:

    anyone notice he took a drag on a cig? HE MUST BE PUNISHED!!1!. Oh wait….he’s one of “us”?

    LOL – the brainwashing must’ve been done on the “handwash” cycle as these boobs don’t seem too coherent

  • Chad says:

    And this explains how the morons in Washington get reelected.

    I like how Sunglasses Man uses American as an outsider does.

  • Paul A'Barge says:

    It took too long. I had to turn it off because it bored me.

  • The Den Mother says:

    Why the bullhorn? It isn’t like the speaker(s) needed the amplification to be heard over the non-existent crowd.

  • David says:

    No American flags at the Phoenix New Way Forward rally either. About 20 people attended.

  • Bruce Lagasse says:

    “Why do you need a megaphone to talk to twenty people?”

    I believe I saw this on an episode of “Police Squad” some years ago.

  • MU789 says:

    Funny! The guy complaining about the average American that took out sub-prime loans as not getting a good education probably thinks he got a good education and is really smart. But the more he talked the more it was obvious what a moron he is.

    If brains were guns, he would be completely unarmed.

  • Dane Brammage says:

    No American flags, but lots of red. Red shirt the lady was wearing, red car, red modern art statue.

    /just sayin’

  • BuddyPC says:

    “Tends me to believe there’s a little hanky panky going on there, a little collusion between the Democrats and Wall Street…”
    You just arrived at this yourself? Where were you last fall?

    “What the Tea Party wants is to blame this entire mess on stupid people that took sup prime loans out…”

    BUT, wait,

    “…you gotta understand the people that you’re dealing with that took out some of these sub prime loans and stuff, they’re people that weren’t allowed a good education system to educate themselves to be, make themselves aware of the issues or what needed to be done economically.”

    The Tea Parties want to blame stupid PEOPLE, but we want to blame stupid AMERICANS.
    Nuance. This is as clear an example of doublethink I’ve seen all week.
    It is encouraging that Sunglass Man seems to be for school choice and ed reform.

  • AST says:

    Of course, good citizens would just step back where they belong in the proletariat and allow the technocrats to guide them.

    The problem with that is that every time we make this point, someone brings up the Constitution.

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