Even voters in Hollywood notice the tax problem.

Joy McCann (Little Miss Attila) links to John McCann (Write Enough) (must be one of those coincidences) on why there are Tea Parties going on everywhere:

Taxes are particularly unfair in Hollywood. You may hardly work for years – ahem! – then sell something for a big score. The government taxes you at the highest rate, as if you’d been sweeping in the long green the whole time.

Considering that you’re taxed pretty much on every transaction plus state, local and federal taxes, in addition to tax on interest, property, phone/Internet and capital gains taxes, I can only assert we’re gagging in taxes. Having worked for the federal government, I can assure you its not being spent wisely. Just spent.

…and before you say; I do believe that he does in fact vote accordingly. So there’s that.

Moe Lane

PS: Joy, like so many others – including myself! – would also like to know where her cut is:

I myeslf would like to join Wendy (and Jane H. herself, of course) in asking, “where the hell is my money?” As long as I’m a lobbyist, I’d love to be getting paid for it. My God: I wish we were Astroturf.

Alas, the Left is projecting again: we don’t have a Media Matters that can saturate the ‘net with C-list blogging. People like my unworthy self are instead forced to point to the donate button on the sidebar and make meaningful coughing noises, instead…

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