Jan Schakowsky (D, IL-09) loves her tax fraud.

I assume, at least.  There’s no indication that their marriage is in trouble.

[UPDATE]: Welcome, Instapundit readers. No, I don’t think that we’re very squashable, either.

I agree with Glenn Reynolds that Rep Schakowsky’s comments about the Tea Parties (‘despicable’ and ‘shameful’) were ‘pathetic.’ I also agree that the fact that she’s married to a convicted tax fraud (not to mention, Huffington Post writer) to be ‘ironic.’  But I’d like to add one:

Utterly Typical: “The husband of an Illinois congresswoman was sentenced to five months in prison Wednesday. Robert Creamer is married to US Representative Jan Schakowsky. He was convicted on charges of writing bad checks and tax evasion.”

Why do people like Creamer think that they can get away with tax evasion? Because when you’re married to a Democratic Congresswoman, very often you can. That’s because people like Schakowsky don’t think that the rules apply to them. Which is her problem with the Tea Parties, really: the people involved with them have a distinctly different opinion, and they aren’t the sort that get amused with the argument that social justice sometimes requires bank fraud. Best to try to squash them quick.

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  2. At the time of his guilty plea, Schakowsky told USA Today that her husband was a ‘good man’ who had done ‘good works’.
    You and me, however, better pay up and shut up.

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  4. I believe Schakowsky was an Illinois Senator (shades of Obama) when most of Creamer’s criminal activity occurred, but the point is pretty much the same. He was the head of Illinois Public Action Committee (purported to be the largest ‘citizens’ interest group’ in Illinois. It had connections to most labor unions, the Daley machine, and probably the Mob. Creamer and Schakowsky were very careful, for the most part, to make it difficult for the average, ordinary citizen to connect them to each other.

    IPAC (I got this from a very liberal friend who participated as a ‘door-knocker’) gathered up legions of idealistic young people, promised them reasonable pay, then sent them out in droves to knock on doors and ask for donations. The pay came out of the donations, and if you didn’t collect enough you were out of a job, and sometimes didn’t get all the pay you were promised. My friend said he lasted 6 weeks and the last straw came when some under-performing ‘door-knockers’ were given ‘pitches’ that included outright lies to use in an effort to get the required donations.

    Creamer was, is, and always be a scum-sucking Lefty parasite. It says a lot about Schakowsky that she stays with him. He also had Citizens Action and the Citizens Utility Board to drain donations from.

    Not a very nice fellow.

  5. Because “social justice sometimes requires bank fraud”

    This made me laugh out loud. I went to my very first protest this week and if I ever go to my very first counter-protest, this is what will be on my sign.

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