Sometimes I have to wonder about Ed Anger.

That’d be Ed Anger of the Weekly World News, of course: anyway, he’s had a pitch-perfect imitation going of a caricature of a conservative (not the same thing as a pitch-perfect imitation of a conservative, of course) for some time now, and that’s all right, really. He can keep it under control. I can handle Stephen Colbert; I can handle Ed Anger. Only… every so often he mentions something like Tax Freedom Day – a topic that a certain segment of the partisan spectrum hates even mentioning.

It does make you wonder which direction the satire is pointed at, sometimes.

Moe Lane

PS: Oh, wow. Paratabloids: Poems Inspired by Headlines From the Weekly World News: that would almost be worth buying a Kindle 2 for alone.

Although the question is moot.

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