While I think that this is a pretty good list…

…to be found here, the emphasis is on “think:” I know enough about guns to know that they’re not magical talismans that mystically control all situations, but pretending anything beyond that would only result in gales of horrified laughter from my father-in-law, who does know something about guns.

But I do know something about history, so I can comment about this:


You see that guy? Don’t mess with that guy.

Just… don’t.

Moe Lane

PS: The Gurkha situation is actually fairly interesting: the current government of Nepal – democratically elected Maoists, and that’s apparently not an oxymoron – is in favor of ending the recruitment of Gurkha regiments; they’ve backed down in the face of the disapproval of former Gurkhas, because You Do Not Mess With Gurkhas.  Something that the British government itself might contemplate, particularly when it comes to pensions.


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