Did you enjoy Earth Day?


I think that was rather rude of you, considering that it’s 34 years too late to save the planet, or maybe 24/9, and the planet’s no longer suitable for human habitation, and the pollution’s long since killed us all, and of course the eight billion people that died of hunger for the last four decades, thanks to all the famines, and mass starvation, and how outside of Western Europe / North America / Australia’s everybody’s without food, and of course the gas masks that we all have to wear, not that we can see where we’re going because of the reduced sunlight from the increased pollution and nitrogen buildup, although we should be grateful that the air pollution only takes hundreds of thousands of lives, but we don’t have any resources left, particularly oil, and we lost 3/4ths of all species, and of course we’re in an ice age right now.

Yup.  Predictions from Earth Day 1970.  Via I Hate The Media, via Urbin Report, via Ed Driscoll.

And they wonder why the ‘threat’ of global warming isn’t having the punch that it used to have.  Or why it’s suddenly necessary to explain that away.  Although I really shouldn’t let myself get caught up in religious arguments, particularly when I don’t subscribe to that particular faith

Moe Lane

PS: On the bright side, you can always buy Arrrbon Credits (I think H/T: Ed Driscoll). And yes, in point of fact I am taking the situation as seriously as it deserves.

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