Barack Obama on Scare Force One?

That’s the thought that Little Miss Attila’s postulating, at least. I’m not what you’d call convinced, but I am hearing rumors (which, to be fair, are being denied [H/T: Instapundit]) that there were campaign contributors on-board. Which is, unfortunately, the sort of boneheaded move that I’ve already come to expect from this administration*, although in this case I’d really like to be proven wrong.

So I don’t think that there’s any harm in re-releasing the President’s schedule for Monday, as well as the flight records for that particular trip. Just to clear things up.

Moe Lane

PS: And, oh yes: the photos. The damned things cost us $329,000 to take, so let’s see them.

*Note, I do not say ‘this President.’ This time.

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