Assassination attempt in Holland.

(via HolyCoast) A premeditated act, but judging from the reports (and a couple of distressing on-scene photos, including one of the attacker), probably not an Islamist*-inspired one.

5 Dead After Car Strikes Crowd at Dutch Royal Parade

Five people were killed and several others hurt in the Netherlands after a car rammed into a crowd of spectators in what police are calling a premeditated attack on the royal family.

The car appeared to be deliberately driving at high speed toward an open bus carrying the popular Queen Beatrix and her family in the western Dutch city of Apeldoorn.


Prosecutors said the driver, badly injured and still in his crumpled car, acknowledged targeting the queen and her family.

My prayers for the victims and their families.

Moe Lane

*Note: “ist,” not “ic.”

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