As rants on education go, this is pretty epic.

Complete with harsh language and badly-drawn heads. (Via The Smallest Minority)

I’d laugh more, except that I’m going to be staring this problem straight in the face in a few more years. And, bluntly? The only thing more annoying than the fact that the public school system is being run into the ground – using my tax money – is that the people running it into the ground have powerful partisan political patrons.

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  • Jaybird says:

    I’m not one to tell other folks how to live… and as a childless person, I’m pretty sure that any advice I have to give on childrearing is either banal (read to the kid! buy him books!) or based in complete and total ignorance.

    With that disclaimer out of the way, I’ll slip into crazy libertarian mode and say that it strikes me as upside-down that our society just takes it for granted that children need to spend 50% (or more) of their waking hours from age 5-6 until whenever in the hands of a government worker.

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