Chimp attacks, huh?

That’s (part of) the word from this article (“Blogging for Dollars“) (H/T: Instapundit):

How do you make money? By driving traffic to your website. I kidded Walter Olson, who created, that he should keep his eyes peeled for Britney Spears-Kevin Federline litigation. He has his own secret: chimp attacks. “So far as I can tell, every post on chimpanzee attacks over the years has drawn thousands of new visitors,” he says. Chimp-free overlawyered attracts about 9,000 visitors daily.

Chimp attacks.  Fortunately, nobody’s been attacked by a chimp today, so I can’t actually test Walter Olsen’s allegation.  Still:

After you have gotten within his personal space, Mr. Chimpanzee is not your friend.  They do not play hockey or ride skateboards in the wild.  They cannot be trusted with firearms.

I hope that the above was all redundant.

Moe Lane

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