Free the Hops!

I’m as hyper-partisan as anybody else – but, really, I’m not going to get behind keeping Alabamans from getting access to something approximating decent beer.  Which is currently being stymied pretty much by one guy (from my party, unfortunately) who wants to filibuster the whole thing because he doesn’t like booze.

Background here.
Typically lecturing, yet more or less accurate The Next Right post on the problem here.
Latest word on the struggle here.
And, of course, the post that triggered this one here. I’m reprinting the specific instructions:

For those of you already tweeting (and the rest of you once you sign up), here are the necessary components your message should contain:

@SENATORERWIN #alpolitics #fth (insert your message here)
Here’s a sample of an one possible message you can use:

@SENATORERWIN #alpolitics #fth Please let the Senate vote on Free the Hops

As I’ll be updating this article from time to time indicating how many messages Senator Erwin has received, it’s important that you include the information above in your tweet so I can tally the results.

Please note that the Alabaman container/ABV rules do not currently prevent beer from being sold; they merely prevent good beer from being sold. Even if you think that the stuff that’s available in Alabama now is perfectly acceptable, show a little pity for the people that don’t, ‘kay?

4 thoughts on “Free the Hops!”

  1. From what I’ve read about Sen. Erwin, I doubt that you’ll anyone would move him on this issue. A better tatic might be getting the minotity leader, Sen. Waggoner, on the side of beer.

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