So, who is this Carrie PreJean ‘revelation’ aimed at, anyway?

I’m at a loss, here. If it’s aimed at social conservatives, surely the people doing learned last year that directing demoralization attacks at the caricature of ‘Christianists’ that lives mostly in your head only annoys the people that you’re caricaturing; if it’s aimed at the general populace, you’d think that it’d be explained why it’s contradictory to be both against same-sex marriage and being fine with being photographed in your knickers; and if it’s aimed at the Online Left, I don’t see what the point is.  She’s a good-looking woman with unacceptable ideas, so they hate her already, in that Special Time kind of way.

Or maybe I’m being too dismissive of that last possibility.  After all, now they have something a bit more tangible with which to indulge their fetish…

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