OK, the weather’s good enough for this.

Reminded by @vermontaigne:

Walk On The Wild Side, Lou Reed*

Well, you have to be in the right mental state for this song. It’s got to be about 2 AM or so; you sit by the window in a stark-lit room and listen to it while the wind rustles the leaves outside. So, it has to be a nice night out, see? November and you end up shivering. It’s a good song late at night; with it you end up halfway between thinking and brooding, and the melancholy’s just there to give a touch of flavor to the reminiscing. Just you, your thoughts, Lou Reed, and a cigarette…


Oh, hell.

*I don’t pretend to like all of his stuff, by the way.

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  • S.Logan says:

    I’ll be up all night writing. I was wondering what the soundtrack of my night would be; thanks for the perfect suggestion.

    And, yes, my window is open.

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