What? Yes, CBS put Star Trek TOS on Youtube. High quality, too.

I’ve mentioned it before.

Anyway, it’s telling about the quality of the recent Star Trek movie that there’s been a number of people wondering how this version of the crew is going to handle meeting Khan. I’d actually prefer that they don’t – watch Space Seed again, then Wrath of Khan, and tell me how you can fairly expect somebody to live up to Ricardo Montalban – but it tells you something that the fans have relaxed about the entire prospect.

Me, I want to see how they handle Mirror, Mirror.  I have high expectations for Simon Pegg’s performance in that one.

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  • Derek says:

    I had the same thought about casting Khan. Then I thought that Antonio Banderas could possibly actually pull that off. He’s certainly dashing and flamboyant enough. Then again, Montalban had to ham it up a little because he was playing opposite Shatner. Who know’s what they’d expect out of the new cast.

    But, I’m also hoping that they don’t just go remaking old movies/episodes into new movies. As problematic as the finer points of the plot were, I think that ditching the time travel stuff should lead to some very good original stories.

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