You know something? It’s Sunday morning (with Dancing With the Star Wars Stars footage).

I’m going to go work on gaming material. Relax, or something.


I was going for ‘SAN loss’, but this abruptly becomes Teh Awesome somewhere around 3:10.

6 thoughts on “You know something? It’s Sunday morning (with Dancing With the Star Wars Stars footage).”

  1. That was just plain awesome! Those guys need a little polish, but that was the coolest thing I have ever seen! …I am such a nerd.

  2. This isn’t even made of awesome. Awesome was distilled for 50 years by the sea storms of Kamino, then purified by fire on Mustafar, then digested for a thousand years in the pit of Carkoon, then mined and refined by Jawas, stolen by Jabba, smuggled by Han and turned into construction material on Geonosis.

    This video is made of THAT.

  3. Caleb, you aren’t even made of dork. Dork was smelted from the molten product of worn D&D dice, fashioned into pointy Spock ears, mocked by a Trekkie for inauthenticity, fine-tuned by Tom Savini, thinned and formed into a condom that was used by Martin Landau and Barbara Bain for asn after-hours romp on the set of Space:1999, then encased in a mylar comic book cover autographed by Stan Lee, sold on eBay, with the proceeds used to fund Star Wars Kid’s education.

    You are made of THAT.

  4. First you clone my tweets, then you clone my comments? Any chance you’re planning an original thought at some point? Just trying to plan my day.

    That sound you hear is your humiliation washing over you. Enjoy!

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