Senator Webb comes out against Gitmo.

You have the right to neither surprise, nor a sense of betrayal.

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Oh, Webb is saying that he’s merely against the timetable, but that’s just political-speak for ‘I need to start laying down the groundwork for my retreat on this issue.’ By this time next year he’ll be telling everybody how he’s fully satisfied that Obama’s ‘reform’ of Gitmo addresses the issues brought up during the campaign, etc, etc, etc. Amazing how quickly some of these guys catch Washington Establishment Disease, huh?

Webb opposes Gitmo timetable

Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., says he now disagrees with President Barack Obama’s timetable to close the Guantanamo Bay prison camp in January 2010.

But Webb supports Obama’s idea of reviving military commissions to try some terror suspects now detained there.

Webb, appearing on ABC’s “This Week” program, acknowledged that in January he said the president had established a reasonable timeline for closing the detention center.

He said he has changed his mind on the timetable.

More accurately, the polls changed his mind. It’s nice to see that Senator Webb has learned how to act like a proper member of his current caucus…

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PS:  Ooh, video. NIMBY, Jim?

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  1. I’m confused. From the video I would say he is totally against closing Gitmo. Where is the proof that he said otherwise?

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