Jeebus, Stacy. Couldn’t you find a *real* beer to endorse?

Yes, indeed, Budweiser loses something when it passes through the horse’s kidneys (thank you, S.M. Stirling) – but Corona? Corona is the beer-flavored beverage of choice for your giggly coworker who hasn’t gotten over the fact yet that the bartender always makes a big deal out of putting a lime wedge in her bottle.


Yes, that sounds incredibly dirty, in a very vague sort of way.

Anyway.  If you’re going to drink a Mexican beer, go with Negra Modelo.  Unlike its cousin, it actually is one.

[UPDATE] Dan Collins nagged me into fixing this, the pedant.

Moe Lane

PS: Regarding corporate shilling: I’m not a corporate shill for anybody, but I’ll be more than happy to discuss the matter. For, at least.

8 thoughts on “Jeebus, Stacy. Couldn’t you find a *real* beer to endorse?”

  1. I like Corona. I like it with or without the lime in the bottom of the mug, with or without the giggles.

    I refuse to be a beer snob, or a beer anti-snob, or something like that, which is what turning up the nose to a beer of any kind would make me.

    Not to put too fine a point on it.

  2. I remember, vaguely, going to Mexico during Spring Break at South Padre, 20 years ago or so. We’d hang out on the beach during the day, and then head to Matamoros at night. We’d stop by a beer store in Mexico on the way back to have consumables for the next day.

    So one morning, looking at what we’d bought the night before we could see that every bottle of Corona in the case was a slightly different color. That’s the last time I ever drank one.

  3. Corona is also the beverage of desperate choice for those of us musicians who sometimes have to play in beer-only music halls and bars, and who don’t really like beer. Also Rolling Rock. Not that I actually know anybody like that, mind.

  4. Thanks, Moe. Got it from the Corner, of course, so I can’t take a whole lot of credit for it. No journalist, I; like Wodehouse once said, I just sit down at the keyboard and curse a bit.

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