So, they remade V.

Yes, as in V – The Original TV Miniseries*. Both Ace of Spades and Allahpundit are busily cleaning their tasty, tasty beverage of choice off of their monitors right now: watch the trailer and you’ll see why.

Normally, I’d guess that this would be completely accidental – but what the heck, ABC hired Jake Tapper, so maybe there’s one of Sy Hersh’s stay-behind VRWC Resistance cells buried deep inside Programming. All I know is, this show will either never make it past episode 3, or be still playing four years from now as sort of like a reverse West Wing. Either way, I figure that some people are getting ready to go insane on the topic any moment now.

Moe Lane

PS: I don’t make Reptoid jokes, sorry. Reptoids stopped being fun when Ickes started babbling about the Jews.

*This seems to be the major fansite.

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  1. If it starts doing really well, they’ll move it to Thursday. If it keeps its numbers, they’ll move it to Sunday.

    That should kill it.

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